A Designer in Europe - Croatia

After a scenic train ride from Slovenia, we arrive in Split, Croatia. I am still in Adriatic relaxation mode and again was not on point to record all the fun designs I was seeing. Lisa helped out when I was ready to snap a few extra photos for me here, while I was content to let it all pass by.

I have a personal connection to dragons now that I have sketched them for my Krakow logo. All of central Europe seems to have some old legend featuring a dragon. So when I see a beer with a dragon on it, I will purchase and drink it.

It wasn't until i got on a ferry that I was able to get a sense of my surroundings. The landscape of the city hides the mountains well.

Lisa is always looking up and catching extra details, is there a lesson here for me?

Split was unique because of how the modern life sprouts from the ancient roman ruins.

This statue was giving quite the pose. 

For some reason we always go all out with our first dinner. We ended up at an Uje Olive Bar which was great because we got to sample different regional olives, olive oils, wine, meats, cheeses. It was a royal feast, with the old city walls as our backdrop.

Split makes for some adventurous and colorful eating. This is an octopus salad. It's novelty wore off about half way through but my stomach cooperated through til the end. 

Black cuddlefish risotto. A shiny black can be so colorful. Maybe we should have opted for a lighter lunch in the end, but it was fun to try.

When in roman ruins... The scrap metal accessories take this street art to the next level.

One of the galleries had an exhibition which seemed to be a collaboration between artists and a rug manufacturer. That's a new one! Below are some of the rugs. 

After a few days in Split, we ferried over to Hvar Island to meet friends. A view from your room like this, assures you that life is good.

A friend had been working with a tour company all summer and had great knowledge of the island and the inside scoop on where to go. Traveling has been at it's best when the sights, smells, and sounds are simply the backdrop for being with friends old and new.

We were treated to a fresh fish feast cooked in an outdoor kitchen.

We tried to repay the meal by helping the chef's family pick olives. I'm not sure if we were a help or a hinderance but it was an amazing experience. 

The second day on Hvar Island we rented scooters and spent the day with the wind in our har and the sun on our faces.

While these photos aren't design related, they do serve as my Hvar logo inspiration.

I completely trust my haircut when the barber and the shop look like this.

Our last day in Split we rented a car and drove to Krka National Park. The place is just a massive, gradual waterfall made of smaller waterfalls. 

One of the power stations in the park was covered in stickers from all over Europe. I don't know how these vandels are so well prepared. 

If there is an island in the middle of a lake in Europe, there will be a monastary built on it. 

We ended up with a great view of 'the necklaces' waterfall due to a failed attempt to gain access to a cave in the hill side. One door is locked but the view opened up for us.