A Designer in Europe - Český Krumlov


Český Krumlov is a vibrant art culture city. The first I have really seen. There were artists working outside, artist residence advertised around town, and painted buildings. Some of the most tortured and magnificent art I have seen was on display at the Egon Schiele Art Centrum. Do yourself a service and check out the work of Egon Schiele, Miroslav Páral, and Josef Váchal.


On the train to Český Krumlov. Stick figures live full lives.


Not only was Josef Vachal an accomplished artist but he created his own fonts, and bound entire books with his work. Thousands of hours of work. It was awesome to see all his created type.

hh (2).jpg

We wandered into a random exhibit under Český Krumlov Castle and saw the work of Miroslav Paral in the 4-story cellars of the castle. Such an amazing experience.


Miroslav Paral's work was also on display throughout the city. The building in the background is the International Art Club Cafe. I want to belong.


Some street art in Český Krumlov. This is certainly in response to the insane selfie culture. Everyone takes selfies but the Asian tourist selfie culture is crazy. I read it's because they want to feel unique in such a large Asian population, and I like that.


The art city with painted walls. It seemed tacky until our guide told us that they apply the paint during the building process, painting deep into the cement while it was still wet. Some of the paintings are hundreds of years old.


Coat of arms of the House of Schwarzenberg: A raven gnawing at Turkish heads. What an impactful image.


Lisa told me that if I'm going to document Comic Sans, I should also show when type is done right. Here is a children's store with an appropriate font. Ironically, Comic Sans would have actually worked here, but I applaud the effort.


The logo for an Art School we passed by. It looks like a ceremonial headdress. I think it's actually a pen and ruler though.


On a hike up Kleť Mountain, we were supposed to follow certain markers. These are all over the Czech Republic, as a sort of bike route a la Appalachian Trail. We were supposed to be following the blue line but this was the last one we saw. For how well the trail was marked, it was pretty poorly marked. I guess up was the only direction we really needed.


I would be doing the Czech Repubilc a disservice if I didn't see all the beer designs. So I have done my due diligence. Time to pay the bar tab and head to Prague!