A Designer in Europe - Ljubljana

It's nice to get above a city when you first arrive. 

We arrived late at night, so the first thing in the morning we went grocery shopping in the open air market. Community planning through the city complete with columns from architect, Jože Plečnik, to give it some real foundation.

This was the first of many times now that I have seen chestnuts for sale by street vendors. It puts a great smell in the air and adds ambiance to the autumn market. 

Like a moth to light we were drawn to our first gallery of an art-filled Ljubljana visit. This was an Exhibit at the City Art Gallery about challanging the art institutions in Eastern Bloc countries. Link Art was very tied to 'The State,' unlike in the US.

Culture Shutdown (link) was a response to the news that many BiH cultural institutions would have to shut their doors due to lack of funding. Many institutions around the world taped off one of their works as a protest.

In 2005, Ivan Moudov staged a the fake opening of a contemporary art museum aimed at drawing attention to the fact that their wasn't one. (youtube link)

Artist/Cartoonist Dan Perjovschi simple, brilliant illustrations. (link)

We heard music near our apartment and walked over to the river to see The Balkan Boys playing a free promotional concert. What a joy to discover. 

Staircase up 'The Skyscraper' in Ljubljana

The Biennial of Graphic Arts was going on while we were in town. There was a large poster exhibition about the environment in the park. Is this city calling my name? (link)

Fake(?) logo for Genetic Farm. I thought it was brilliant. On one of the posters in the park for the Biennial.

Ljubljana twilight was beautiful. 


One of those posters that usually gets voted up on Behance. This is for the Opera, whose logo is shining in the upper left corner.

One of the only pieces that caught our attention in the main exhibition of the Biennial was this hourglass illusion. It was pitch black except for this. 


Metelkova is an autonomous  collective in Ljubljana (link) Lots of music at night. Other than the building facades, I wish there was more to see during the day.

It looks like there is more work from Dan Perjovschi, on the facade of the Metelkova Museum of Contemporary Art 

A friend's extended family that lives in Ljubljana was kind enough to show us what happens on All Saints Day. The entire country seems to be visiting the graves of loved ones and placing flowers and candles. 

More work from Jože Plečnik at the cemetary (link)

There is a spot on the grounds of the cemetary where ashes can be spread. There is also a memorial to the homeless here. I have never seen anything like it before.

We were lucky to get shown the business of a Slovenian bee keeper. We got to see his hives and sample lots of unique honey and honey brandy. 

Is the design of the Biennial graphic related to the Slovenian bee hive colors?

One cool thing about the Biennial was the incorperation of the design system in a few storefront windows. The colors of the Biennial mix in with merchandise in this clothing store. A really cool way to get the community involved with the event.