A Designer in Europe Mini Redux - Iceland


I couldn't let my sibling Iceland trip go without making a logo. Lisa and I were in Iceland with my brother and his wife, and my sister. My brother and sister are twins and were celebrating their 30th birthday, so we went big and decided to book flights to Iceland in February. Highlights include stumbling upon Hollywood Glacier while driving down a dirt road, experiencing a brief glimpse of the northern lights on one of our only clear nights, eating gas station hot dogs, and spending time with the family.

The logo, however, focuses on two chance experiences we had involving sheep dung.

We had just been on the black sand beach outside of Vik and decided to head into town for lunch. I noticed a smoked sheep dung whiskey on the menu and inquired about it. The waitress couldn't give a good explanation because she hadn't tried it. So we ordered a small sip to all share, and the waitress even tried it with us. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad! The whiskey would be described as farmy and floral. 


The other experience with sheep dung happened at a brewery. We were driving to Reykholt to go to a settlers' museum when we passed a beer tasting sign. So we followed the sign down a dirt road to a farmhouse. Around back we found the owner of Steðja brewery who was surprised to see us, but happily welcomed us into his warehouse for a tasting.

I was admiring the anvil beer labels and also saw a whale-shaped beer label. When I asked him about it, he said, "Oh, you don't know about the whale beer?" He brought out a bottle and poured it for all of us. He went on to explain that during Thorrablot, they celebrate surviving in harsh climates by any means by eating adventurous foods. He brewed this sheep dung smoked whale testicle beer in honor of the festivities. Again, surprisingly, the beer was really good! (Although I would probably not drink it again.)

The goal with the logo was to create something small and official-looking, like a kosher symbol, that can be used to show that a product contains sheep dung. I wanted the sheep to look surprised. I was inspired by spirographs to represent the sheep wool in a circular, fluffy, and official seal-looking manner. The design is enhanced with a gray layer to represent Icelandic woolen sweater designs.