A Designer in Europe - Piran

I have to admit, when I arrived on the Adriatic coast, the last thing on my mind was searching for design inspiration. It was a time for relaxation. The photos that follow are just what I was able to loosely associate with design after the fact. Ahh! Sea life.

The outer wall protecting Piran. Great shape repetition. 

Bad translation is always an easy laugh.

This stand was unfortunatly closed.

What about Europe makes people want to take pictures of laundry?

This is a construction fence wrapping a wall to create a painted pattern.

What a sunny blue door!

e walked along the sea from town to town and came across an interactive light and sound art installation, in an abandoned warehouse. 

A little tough to explain, but I will try. A drum with water on top was situated in the center of a room. A camera was filming the water on the drum and projecting the image onto a spherical mirror. Surrounding the drum were vertical lines of light sensors. Music would play on the drum and create ripples on the water, which would trip the light sensors, which would create different sounds. We were given flashlights to affect the sensors or the mirror as we saw fit. I felt like a conductor with a bit of a Star Wars vibe. I only wish there were more sensors and people to help create a musical collaboration.

The boat in the distance inspired me to create an identity for Piran based on musical notes (boats) and wavy water music sheets. There is a monument to composer Giuseppe Tartini in the main square after all.

A mermaid statue protects fisherman out at sea (I assume).

The fishing boats all had buoys with black plastic bags attached to them. It made all the boats look like pirate ships.

Even though it was freezing and foggy, the sunset put on a great show. Those colors!

Im always looking to work type into my work. I like the concept of the tentacles making the letters, but I wish they went further with it. That octopus had six more legs to work with!

I love when graffiti is more than just tags. This might as well have been an art gallery with different artists representing.