A Designer in Europe - Prague

The Beauty of Prague becomes apparent when you get up into the surrounding hills and parks. Not only do you get away from all the tourists, but you get great views of 'The City of 100 Spires.' My highlights have to be the tortured and inspiring art, and experiencing Autumn in the parks surrounding Prague.


What do you do when you find out your hotel is too far from the city center? Embrace your surroundings and stop at the mall along the way. This vegatarian restaurant was soooo good, and we never would have discovered it if we had stayed too close to the center.


It's fun to see experimental type in the real world, not just on Behance galleries. It seems to work in Prague, but Im not sure you could get away with that in most of the US.


Logo for a travel agency. 


The Dancing House really works at night. It's nice to see architecture trying to be clever. 


Simple logo for a trendy coffee shop. Prague was full of fun hipster coffee shops.


Alfons Mucha's great work, The Slavic Epic, is 20 large scale paintings. What an achievement. The fact that we seem to hold the Mona Lisa in higher regard is absurd.


Understated logo for Bistro 8 on the coffee cups.


Got to see more work from Egon Schiele who is quickly becoming a real inspiration.


I forget this artist's name but he was an inspiration to Egon Schiele, which you can instantly see.


Type inspiration at the National Gallery


I mimicked this font in my logo for Prague.


he National Gallery had lots of art nouveau type inspiration


You can learn how to simplify ideas by looking at cubism. Here is Josef Capek, whose work I liked.


More Josef Capek


I think the hawk is meant to deter pigeons, or it's an art installation. Either way the juxtaposition is great.


I need to learn why all the Czech soccer players have these amazing mustaches. 


Another example of a style I only see on Behance. I'm not sure this one works. While visually appealing, I couldn't figure out what it was wanting me to do.


Things with character become instantly awesome and memorable. It could have been just another bench, but no.


Great art nouveau logo from the Prague Castle Administration


The St. Vitus Cathedral put on a light show with it's stained glass.


It woudn't be Prague without naked ladies on all the buildings. 


Alfons Mucha was commissioned to add stained glass pieces to the Cathedral. It was refreshing to see.


Great logo for a golf brand.


Such precise metal bending from an artist in a street stall. 


Interesting logo for this car brand. I didn't immediately like it, but it grew on me. It looks a bit dated. Not knowing anything about the car brand, I would put it in the same league as a Kia.


The Metronome in Letna Park might be my favorite outdoor art piece. So poetic and unexpected. It keeps the tempo of the city, slow and deliberate.