A Designer in Europe - Zakopane

After more than a week in overcast big cities, Zakopane opened up the fresh air for us in spectacular fashion. Mucha would be proud of these gradients. It was one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.

I would make a logo for Zakopane exactly like this, if it weren't already done. As you will see later, the wood architecture accents make this town so special.

I wish all hikes started by passing through a pretty wooden ceremonial gate. 

Each color symbolized a different type of trail. Yellow lines were trails connecting other trails. Black lines were passes, and Red were the main arteries of the mountains.

The camera sensor was having a hard time with all the amazing colors. But it produced interesting results. 

On every trail sign was an estimated time that the trail would last. Sarnia Skala, 10 minute walk.

We first heard reference to golden Autumn on the train to Zakopane, and it certainly is. 


All examples of the small finishing details on the houses that make Zakopane special.

Polish ski poster designs line our Villa lobby staircase.

All traditional meals consist of meat cooked in a pot, that's just what we all used to do. Much cooler is to see the evolution of regional cuisine. Here groats are presented with a salad in a modern take on Polish cuisine. 


Time and money for the little details in this architectural skectch. 

Again, every detail is considered, down tot he street lamps.

"The flatlands grow onions, the mountains grow men." The goral highlanders with their distinct clothing, axes and hats.

Intriguingly designed smoked cheese. It's certainly something else. Whoo.

A fun logo that seems to be advertising traditional fabrics in a clean and modern way. 


The forest, not the quarry, is the main resource in Zakopane. A beautiful wooden church had an equally beautiful wooden cemetary. Great patterns and type throughout.