Best Music of 2016

Top Ten Songs Released in 2016

2016 was a year that started in Greece for me. I moved from Wyoming to Savannah, Georgia, and started a new career. The music I listen to is absolutely a product of my situation and surroundings as I search and sample the new releases on Spotify. Techno dance hits like Believer by Major Lazer entered my playlists from European rave culture, as well as, summer US festivals streamed on YouTube.

Southern rock, and folk songs like Let Me Get By by Tedeschi Trucks Band were on repeat while moving to Savannah in the Spring. More spacey songs like Changes by Mutemath get pumped through my earphones while Im working in Adobe Illustrator from the coffee shop around the corner, Gallery Espresso.

2016 Song of the Year

Song of the Year for me has to go to Tedeschi Trucks Band - Let Me Get By because it was released while we were moving to Savannah. Nothing like some Derek Trucks lead guitar and Susan Tedeschi vocals with the windows down driving southern roads. Uplifting and breezy, driving through a tall pine highway while throwing Boiled Peanuts out the window.

2016 Album of the Year

This one is a tie between Umphreys McGee - Zonkey for some amazingly tight 90's remixes and DD Dumbo - Utopia Defeated for introducing a new sound.

2016 Album on Repeat

Mutemath - Vitals wins for most played album of the year (two years in a row). I float in space whenever I listen to it. I discovered it last year before traveling to Europe and listened to it on almost every train, bus and ferry while on the move. I can now turn on this album and get instantly transported back to any one of those awesome memories.

What's on your best of 2016 list!? What did I miss?