Logos Across Europe - Paris - Café Invader


Real estate is very important in Paris. You pay more for the same coffee by sitting outside. Sitting outside is so much fun too. You get to smoke your cigarette and drink your Café au Lait with your girl by your side. I am taking many things from my time in Paris, but one thing that is so clear is the image of the two-seater tables outside of the cafes on every street corner.

Space Invader's street art was also everywhere. Just off in your periphery wherever you were. I always just thought of name Space Invader as only the icon from the video game, but now I really see the juxtaposition of the name with the art of graffiti. He is literally invading all spaces around the city. 

So I thought I would add my mark on Paris. Each Cafe I visit, I commemorate the occasion by tiling a wall near the cafe. I am Café Invader!

A few extra photos