Mega List of my Favorite Music from 2017

Favorite New Band - SUSTO

Ever since hearing Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize speech, I have been drawn to lyrics strong in mythology and religious themes. SUSTO and Mutemath both draw on their religious upbringing for their inspiration, whether embracing it or rebelling against it. Check out SUSTO's Black River Gospel where singer Justin Osborne talks about his upbringing, or Mutemath's Achilles Heal which tackles mortality.

Best Album of 2017 - Play Dead by Mutemath

Mutemath has been on my radar for a few years, since discovering them on my trip to Europe. Their album Vitals was a perfect accompaniment to head into the unknown. It took a few listens to grow on me, but their new album Play Dead has the most songs with the most plays of any album for me this year. Seeing them live in Atlanta this Fall also solidified this album for me. Check out this Rolling Stone article to read about the up's and down's Mutemath's front man Paul Meany.

Best Songs of 2017

Here are my favorite songs from 2017. I really like the passion and soul coming from Rex Orange County, Electric Guest, and Gus Dapperton. I think they'll hit the scene hard in 2018. STFU by Amine has a really fun beat, I wish I could get the instrumental version. Passionfruit and Look At What The Light Did Now are proof that you don't need many lyrics to make a great song.

Best Discovered in 2017

Here are my favorite songs I discovered in 2017 but were released before 2017. You'll notice some familiar bands from my 2017 list. I wish I had discovered them sooner. These songs would have made my previos top 10 lists for sure.

Best Music Videos of 2017