A Designer in Europe - Belgrade

Our arrival into Belgrade was a run on our senses, due to passing into Cyrillic territory, but It was also comforting to be back in a European capital after a while on the coast and through BiH.

On the drive into Serbia, it was as if the landscape was teasing us with new and unknown sights, heightening the feeling of getting out of our comfort zone.

Once again, we find ourselves going all out on the first night in town. There was live music at a traditional dinner, and at a bar we stumbled into afterwards. We didn't know it at the time, but we saw live music every night we were in Belgrade. We weren't even trying. The nightlife Belgrade is known for is not an exageration. 

A gallery right by our apartment was displaying the illustration work of Portuguese artist Joao Vaz de Carvalho.

At the Zepter Museum we saw sculptures from Djordjije Crnčević, whose work we also saw in the scuplture garden in Porto Rose, Slovenia.

Lisa regrets not taking more photos of fashion storefronts. 

An entire street in an old part of Belgrade had a mural of a cityscape on it. The work made the otherwise bland wall, very lively and created quite the illusion while walking.

When there is a sign pointing you to the moon, you know you are going the right way.

The Supermarket is a concept store and cafe in a trendy Belgrade neighborhood. It was the epitome of Euro-hipster-chic. We just had to buy a few chachkis here.

Art Nouveau facades on the pedestrian street in Belgrade remind us that we are on a European capital city on the Danube.

Time to storm the castle!

The Church of Saint Sava is impressive in size and shape. It was quite a unique experience to see a mega structure like this still under construction.

We visited the Nikola Tesla Museum to pay respects to one of the greatest scientists and inventors of our time. I wish his urn was dsplayed with more gravitas.

Most food shops in Europe can be considered art galleries too.

We finish off our time in Belgrade at The Mikser House, where Israeli swing band, The Hazelnuts happens to be performing.