A Designer in Europe - Hungary

Our first stop in Hungary was Eger, a wine town in the the north. These orange buildings were striking against the blue sky.


A random K appears on a building

... With hidden old letters between the lines.

The colors throughout Hungary were very unique and inspiring

The Valley of Beautiful Women in Eger, Hungary is where about 20 wine wine makers have cellars dug into the mountainside. You can go in and sample each wine. I have never tasted better wine in my life. (It's a fresh wine though, not aged.)

Some of the cellars are really cool inside.

You are drinking wine right where they are making it.

Color inspiration

To be listening to bluegrass music, on a train, drinking fresh sweet red wine from Eger, on your way to somewhere unknown, that is one of life's best moments.

Now in Pecs (Pay-ch), Hungary where the striking colors continued. Here is a fountain in the square with the famous Zsolnay luminescent eosin glaze.

The logo for the National Theatre

Color inspiration

These vines were just waiting to frame something.


Hiking up above Pecs we encountered some roman ruins that had a really cool fusion with this punctured metal viewing tower.

When can a metal gate upstage a magnificent building?

While on a 'private' tour of the Modern Art Gallery in Pecs, we had a fun time interpreting this piece. It looks like a modern animated logo. Going from question mark to exclaimation point. 

The logo for the Pecs Philharmonic is really wild.

The theatre in Pecs. Tickets were only $1 to sit on the stairs in the upper deck. It still felt grand.

More color inspiration

Color Inspiration

I have no idea what is going on here but I am slightly scared.

I can't jsut keep writing about the striking color and pattern and tiles can I?

Got to see a design 101 poster exhibit in the Zsolnay Factory complex. An art school is attached to the complex. It's nice to see that design 101 ideas are pretty much the same around the world. It's also nice to feel that I have progressed from these ideas.

Our apartment in Pecs was just another example of fusing the old and new with an old monestary mosaic peaking out next to brand new ikea furniture. 

Below are photographs of the work inside the Zsolnay Factory in Pecs, Hungary