A Designer in Europe - Colmar and Strasbourg


Alsace is a wine region is Eastern France that borders Germany and Switzerland. Some people still speak Alsation, which resembles German. French is the most spoken, followed by German. English is a distant 3rd or 4th to people in the area, but that is no matter as we were able to get what we needed with pointing and a smile. The main thing to know about the area is that it is right out of a storybook. It is amazing to see each small town more beuatiful and than the last. The food is a mix of german and french, as is the design of the buildings. Let's see what's around!


Colmar is a place where the trash floating in the fountain is literally flowers. Flowers are everywhere. I know design is visual in nature, but so many of my memories of the trip so far have been smells. On our bike ride around wine country, we were able to smell wine-making. It smelled like baked raisins. (On the way to the bar/laundumat that I am in right now in Prague, I could smell the brew process from Staropramen.)

1222 (2).jpg

The roof tiles are all the same style. The more lavish buildings have patterns in the tile work. I was inspired by the tiles so much, the identity I created for the area is based on them.


I don't know what it is about Europe, but Comic Sans is everywhere. Yikes! This was a really high-end liquor store too!


Wine glasses in Alsace are distinct with their long green stems.


Stone masons would mark their work with their logo.


They love to work crazy faces into the buildings.


The place we went to try Alsace's tradition cuisine had leather menus. This is immediately a place I trust for Baeckeoffe and Flammekueche


I know we are in wine country, but I could't help but sample the local beer.


The inside of the church in Eguisheim was a nice change from the Gothic styles of the big Roman Catholic churches around France. 


Throughout Strasbourg there were these public art pieces. Some of them were also interactive. Anything to brighten your day.


Do you hear the people sing? The French Revolution lives strong with this image of the French flags. But alas, it is time to leave France and head for the Czech Republic.