Medium: Branding, Web
Role: Designer, Founder, Writer
Link: helloedwin.com

Edwin is a personal passion project. The goal is to help people move from being behind the technological curve, to being in front of it. I think anyone can be an active participant in the digital community. I made the website, write weekly articles, and am responsible for the majority of graphics on the site. Lisa Hueneke is the Editor for each article, and Illustrator for graphics where Edwin makes an appearance.


Edwin is your friendly, neighborhood, nerdy robot that is here to give you simple tips on computer and digital basics. The brand needed to be friendly and approachable and fit neatly into the technology industry.



The website needs to be approachable and simple for tech beginners to navigate.

2018-05-16_11_07_55-Edwin - Free educational emails on technology and computer basics. - Opera.png
2018-05-16_11_08_56-List of Online Tools to Make Your Own T-shirts, Photo Books, Stickers, and More..png

Illustrations for Articles

The goal for each illustration is to summarize the article in the simplest way possible. We switch off between abstract graphics and having Edwin make an appearance. I am responsible for the abstract images. For the images with Edwin in them, I will usually come up with a sketch, Lisa Hueneke will illustrate the idea and ink it, and I will then take it into Illustrator to color it. Team work!


Weekly Email

Edwin brings the weekly articles right into your inbox, making it easy to learn. Each email only includes one topic and is written with the beginner in mind. Edwin uses MailChimp to send each campaign as well as a few automated emails for new subscribers, and inactive subscribers.

2018-05-16_17_41_50-Edwin - Opera.png