Medium: Web, User Experience (UX)
Role: Web Content Administrator, Social Media Coordinator, Liason to Third Party Agency

From 2007-2014 I worked at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). I started as a Data & Logistics Assistant, then Social Media Coordinator, and finally Web Content Administrator managing web content for the entire school and overseeing the Social Media position. Below are two of my larger projects.


Dynamic Courses Section

Problem: Before 2014, the hundred NOLS courses each had their own static page and needed to be manually updated at least quarterly. They were also not searchable or able to be compared. We needed a CMS to help better manage the information for all of the courses.


  • To improve the actual course finder to make it more interactive and help students find "their" course.
  • To improve the content on the course pages to include highlights, testimonials, more photos in larger format, and video.
  • To add a "compare" feature so students can lay up to three courses side by side and compare them.
  • To develop a good "back-end" to make it easier to update information on the pages.
  • To offer a search function that always returns at least one course. There are no null results.
  • Provide tools to better “push” courses that may be seeing enrollment challenges.

My Role: I acted as the project manager where I acted as a liason between the third-party developers and the in-house creative team. I reported to the Creative Director and Marketing & Admissions Director. I was also responsible for collating all the data, wireframing and mockups including the course finder, course comparison, course detail pages, and skill pages. It was a massive undertaking.

The Result: Hundreds of hours removed from updating courses, bottleneck of Web Content Admin as the only updater removed. Dynamic search of courses available for prospective students. Enrollment up %14. All course content now part of database/CMS, making future site improvements possible.




Streamlined ONLINE Application Process

The NOLS application process is complex. There is lots of personal information needed and paperwork to fill out.  The current process was unintuitive and unforgiving, and left parents and students confused at what was needed from them. It was clear we needed to remake the entire process from scratch. We collected analytics, conducted interviews with Admissions Officers, and mapped out the student application journey.

My role in this project was in the initial research, interview, and wireframe process. The overarching goal of this project was to have an online account where parents and students could log in, complete their information, see what was still needed, and have all their pre-course paperwork organized in one place.

The results of this project cannot be overstated. Thousands of hours saved on the Admissions Officers' side and increased the application completion by 28% which translated in 8% increase in enrollment.

A Few Wireframes