Old Town Coffee

Medium: Print, Social Media
Role: Designer

As well as serving as a trendy workspace for my freelance career, I worked on various projects for Old Town Coffee in Lander, Wyoming. Below is a sampling of the print design and social media graphics I created. As with other clients, I was also responsible for recreating a vector version of their logo and keeping it backed up for them whenever they needed it.


Valentine's Day Graphics

Old Town wasn't just a coffee shop, they also hosted community art openings and even did a few special events like a three-course romantic Valentine's dinner. I designed the posters, tickets, and seating chart for the evening.


Gift Cards

This project was a joint effort with Mandy Fabel. She was responsible for the cardstock patterns and brown covers. The design of the front of the gift cards and stamps was my responsibility.


Posters and Graphics for Social Media

Old Town always skirted the line between the western ranching town coffee shop and a hip and trendy spot for tourists and younger locals. Their social media presence and event marketing materials were able to conjure the latter.